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Specifically the VX-150 2 meter handheld, the Vertex Division of VertexStandard/Yaesu is one of the best damn radio manufacturers. The VX-150 is probably the best and most affordable NTIA-compliant CAP radio there is.
Wow Gibson, your VX-150 is HOT! I sure wish I had $109 so I could by my own, but until then, I'll be stuck with a JT1000 and my FT-203R that I keep dropping!
by UALvolar November 01, 2003
An UrbanAddict who has WAY too much time on his hands. See his definition for Chaos Theory. Also, see his list of submitted words.
I definitely think that IrishRepublicanArmy can read minds.
by UALvolar January 30, 2004

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