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McQuaid is one of the best highschools in the country. Yes it is an all guys school, but we kick the shit out of most sports. We have section V titles this year in Volleyball, and Hockey and Hockey also won states.
Sausage fest?? I think not
McQuaid guys get public school chicks and the public school guys are mad
by U Know April 06, 2005
A white boy talkin shit but can't back it up.
"all those motherfuckers r good for is snowflakin"
by u know January 13, 2005
This guy will moan about anything!
He’s got no lunch, you give your own sandwitch, then insists on paying for it, reads the printed price, then that’s not all folks , bitches about the price!
This guy would moan about winning the lottery.
(this is done in a slump syle)
the end ov the world.
god is a twat.
Fuck, oh shit, O no, have you seen this, kinel, oh no, God, jesus, iv had enough of this, bollocks, the end of the world os nigh! or the contract.
by u know May 07, 2003
also known as himogen, imoman or man beast.
slaggish gal dat looks like a man cant miss her muscles or fat.
well known for giving R. Sitton head. cannot fit into size 8 trousers no matter how hard she tries.
by u know June 28, 2004

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