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1. Romantic, emotional, or sexual attractions to inter-dimensional beings of higher intelligence (god(s).
2. A sexual preference for sex with god(s), one able to sexual arouse the interest of god(s).
3. Experiencing any type of paranormal activity during self sex or sex with a partner.

Examples: sudden winds, heat, cold, flashing lights, earth sounds or movements, internal vibrations or energy radiations, overwhelming sense of love, hallucinations of water, feelings of being underwater, extremely wet orgasms or feelings of panic from not being able to control an onslaught of orgasms.
Biblically omnisexual relations are referenced with the Nephilim giants and the daughters of man and represented in stories of immaculate conceptions. Omnisexual women were called temple harlots or prostitutes.
by Tzipora907 September 20, 2011

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