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Crystals that come off kind bud. When Screened off the bud looks like sugar. When smoked a very very intense high ensues.
Why cant you function dude? I smoked Keif!Oh sorry dude I didnt know.
by TytheFLy November 12, 2003
high quality pot(kind bud) looks like miny christmas trees when realy dry look like nuggets. Anywhere from dark to light green sometimes almost white.
We need to get really high and smoke some nugs!
by TytheFLy November 12, 2003
pot with a higher chemical thc level than swag. Usually lime green and always shiny white crystals known as kief.
Want to hit this blunt? Is it Kind Bud? No its swag. No Thanks
by TytheFLy November 03, 2003

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