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A sexual position meaning to take a girl from behind on the edge of the bed. Either Anal or Vaginal. Benificial because the goat will always be pushing back.
Me and my girlfriend were feeling very environmental so we decided to do the goat on the cliff.

A: I want to do it, but i don't want to lose my virginity to you. Thats my only problem.
B: Simple, lets do the goat on the cliff.
by Tyson Sinclair October 26, 2006
An insult directed towards either a male or a female, that have eaten out a girl during the time of her period.
You're sick dracula face!

A: It tasted like cancer!
B: I bet it did Dracula face!
by Tyson Sinclair October 26, 2006
This word is used when the two words wicked and awesome just cannot define how amazing something is so you must combine the two words.
That dinner was totally wickawes.

A: I never knew a baptism was so exciting.
B: That was wickawes when they drowned the baby!
by Tyson Sinclair October 26, 2006
A very simple yet effective insult directed towards people who both purchase and drink diet/caffiene free/ or sugar free drinks. And who are as well vegitarian, or eat healthy.
A: Hey guys look at me, i bought a pepsi max!
B: Shut up Diet Face

A: I'm full, want my tofu.
B: Sorry i don't except crap from you diet faces.
by Tyson Sinclair October 26, 2006

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