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A condition which is associated with the sensation of feeling bloated and miserable, usually brought on through the excess consumption of alcohol and going 'big game hunting'. Effects can vary, though at their most severe, can lead to 'blockages' and 'compaction' for durations of up to several weeks. This condition gained noteriety during the summer of 2008 when MD suffered from a 'moat' for 2 weeks.
Fuck's sake, you boys speak so much crap.... 5 mins later... Ugh, massive bloat the moat.

I couldn't eat another thing.... savage bloat the moat.

Definitely putting on weight. Probably bloat the moat but it could be perma-bloat.... I hope not.
by Tyskie81 February 02, 2009
A name coined upon the purchase of a pair of Ajax football shorts in 2005 by MD. Based on a combination of a fictional player on PES and an employee for Endemol... Jon de Mole. Contrary to popular belief, the shorts neither improve one's football skills or sexual prowess.
Dave.... looking pasty in the de Moles

What you wearing today? Smashing up the de Moles?

Mega. Bird said she fancied me as I was wearing the de Moles.....
by Tyskie81 February 03, 2009

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