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2 definitions by TyroneNazT

Slap the big Bitch: hit from the bong.

Poker night...My brother ex girlfriend shows up to score some weed and tells a story about getting in a fight prior to her arrival. I said, "you should have slapped the big bitch." she responds, "what, like hit the bong"
Lets go slap the big bitch.
by TyroneNazT October 29, 2004
A variation of the three finger shocker. Instead of 2 in the pink, 1 in the stink, the new jersey shocker is 2 in the stink, one in the pink.

New Jersey Shocker: 2 in the stink, 1 in the pink
Yo, my bitch screamed when i gave her the new jersey shocker
by TyroneNazT October 29, 2004