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5 definitions by Tyron

the act of figthing
Yea I got down with those niggas and fucked 'em up.

Ey foo, you wanna get down?
by tyron December 09, 2003
Often misspronounce white version of the word fashizzle , which is a word made popular by Snoop Dogg.
On the Dave Chappelle show during the racial draft:

Tiger Woods: "Farshizzle"
by Tyron April 10, 2004
to cum upon a bitch.
Lil Jon: Skeet, Skeet, Skeet
by Tyron April 10, 2004
when a weasel is a tweeker
Tyron:Yo John have you seen weasel today?
John:Ya he's tweeking washing all the neighborhood cars.
Tyron:That Tweezel ;)
by tyron February 02, 2005
blazed, stoned, high
Damn nigga, I'm so faded.
by tyron December 09, 2003