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1 definition by TyrantX

The Japanese word for "animation". Anime is generally WAY over-rated, incredibly generic, and completely brainless. Anime was originally an animated instructional video by the Japanese to demonstrate that Japanese writers literally cannot put together a single concept without demons, vampires, giant robots, or high-powered fighters.

Humor in anime is literally 100% childish, slapstick garbage, including but not limited to falling over and twitching, bleeding from the nose, having a stupid facial expression, or secreting a giant sweat drop on your head. Note that 95% of these slapstick moments are a result of sexual perversion, typically inadvertantly squeezing GIGANTIC breasts (usually belonging to an animated 12 year old).

Luckily, anime fans need only watch a single episode of any genre, as doing so is actually equivalent to seeing every episode of every show in that genre. For example, watching a single episode of Love Hina is like watching all romance comedies, BECAUSE THEY ARE ALL THE SAME THING.
Hey, did you see that anime? I didn't, because only retards watch that crap.
by TyrantX April 26, 2008
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