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bass face has two definitions;

1) a musical variation of the poker face in which the bass player of a given band wears an expression lacking any noticeable emotion, giving them an anonymous, emotionally distant appearance.

2) A bass face is the name given to the face a DJ or audiophile when a beat drops or a bassline is particularly compelling and gritty. This use of the term is used for electronic music, especially drum & bass, dubstep, and any other dance music where the main interest is the bassline.
1) "Did you see the show last night?"
"Yeah. The bass player took bass face to a new level. Fucker didn't even flinch the entire show."

2) ""Did you see DJ Sublo's face when that record hit?"

"Yeah, he must really enjoy that track, just look at his bass face! I can see why, this beat is filthy!"
by Type__ December 01, 2008

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