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2 definitions by TylerFeetCore

Popular foot fetish acronym for lick, sniff, suck, and fvck. It signifies what a true red blooded fetishist would want to do with a woman's feet in order to indulge all 5 of the human senses.
WOW, great picture post of those young girls' feet from webshots.com! I would certainly LSSF!!!
by TylerFeetCore February 02, 2008
A niche acronym that stands for a popular foot fetish slang phrase: "That Comes With Boner"

Often used in foot fetish communities where some wackos take pictures of girls' feet on the beach without their knowledge and then share it in private forums with other perverted wackos for mating simulation with their hands.
That foot fetish picture is perfect for my mom's basement and WOW, TCWB
by TylerFeetCore August 15, 2007