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Plenty of Flakes is the alternate definition to POF which often refers to the dating website Plenty of Fish.

Whether they've met in real life yet or not POF(Plenty of Flakes) users have SO many options they commonly disregard set plans with one person if:
1. a better fish comes along,
2. they simply can't keep track of all their dating activity,
3. they're plain chicken to meet the other person in the real,
4. worldthey're selfish pricks with no common decency or mutual respect and chose to do something else,
Drew: "How'd it go with what's her pickle on Friday?"
Marc: "Typical POF girl she no showed and left me sitting around like a dummy then wouldn't reply to my texts... Plenty of Flakes!"
Drew: "Never give 'em a Friday..."
by tylerdurden44 June 17, 2010
To constantly and excessively comment and "like" posts and pics of someone you're interested in.
Drew: "Good lord have you seen Michelle's wall lately?"
Tara: "I know right?! Josh is facebooking his territory all over, in and around that..."
Drew: "He's liked the last 20 things posted, he's the king of facebooking your territory."
Tara: "I wonder if he'll pee on her leg to ward off the others when we go camping next weekend baha"
by TylerDurden44 June 08, 2010
To take the beej is when a guy realizes he has a girl at his place that he doesn't want there but whatever driving force got her there can't be stopped. The girl has to be such a miss match that he won't have sex with her, but he'll take the beej.

Most commonly, this scenario is a direct result of online dating or a drunk night at the bar.
Drew: "Yah she came over with a bottle of wine but didn't look anything like her pictures..."
Marc: "Did you take the beej?"
Drew: "I took the beej."
by tylerdurden44 June 17, 2010
The non-athlete participation in the Olympics that includes drinking excessively everyday whether there is an appropriate Olympic event to cheer or not.
Participants compete in Alcoholympics by drinking $9 beers at clubs/pubs or pour hard liquor into a mix and crowding the streets chanting things like "whoooooooooooooo Canada!" or "CA NA DA CA NA DA" over and over.

"I'm going to get at least a Bronze but Mark's 2010 Alcoholympic dream is over for tonight... cop just smell tested his Big Gulp and poured it out".
by TylerDurden44 February 22, 2010
Continuous texting banter back and forth with high frequency and amusing content.
Marc: "How are things going with Rachelle?"
Drew: "Pretty good mang, we've been textertaining each other for a couple days... "
by tylerdurden44 July 02, 2010
Anal Sex
So when are you and Holly going to paint the dinosaur?
Unno mang, she thinks it's too big and will hurt too much.
by TylerDurden44 December 19, 2010

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