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The biggest and longest running joke ever to be pulled by a state or nation in history.
The joke is that some people get together somewhere and map out a place to set up cones and tear up the road. Setup then involves blocking off a half mile strip of road on either side of the workzone, and proceeding to jackhammer the hell out of the asphalt.
The punchline is everyone that has to drive through the workzone, as the workers not jackhammering (all of them) laugh at the frustrated looks on peoples faces as they go by, late for work by at least half an hour or more thanks to a four lane highway being shrunken to one lane.
Once the "work" is supposed to be done, or when a new place is found, the workers pull up stakes and move, leaving the road the same as it was before they came, or worse.
This has been going on since before recorded history in Utah, although no record has currently been found as to whether it started with the laying of asphalt in Utah, or merely when roads were established.
Son of a-- not another Utah Road Construction Project! and right on the way to work too.
by Tyler Lake August 20, 2007
1. To live in some imaginary world where everything is perfect when in reality everything is falling apart.
2. A promised way of life from a lover that they don't intend to come through on.
1. That man is living in fool's paradise, his life's a wreck.
2. She is totally leading him into a fool's paradise.
by Tyler Lake December 12, 2006
What one sees almost as soon as they drive into a major Utah town, especially Salt Lake City. It consists of a bunch of Mormon mothers and irritated drivers from out of state swapping lanes with no turn signal or warning. This causes immense traffic jams, that clear up two times a day for ten minutes. Should one happen to be behind a Mormon about to contribute to the Mormon shuffle, it is customary to try not to flip them off, even though 50% of the time they will flip you off for being behind them. The only way to escape the Mormon shuffle is to not drive in Salt Lake City or other major Utah cities.
Oh man, we're going to have to brave the Mormon shuffle to get to Macy's today kids. Better bring some extra movies.
by Tyler Lake August 20, 2007
1. The lowest royal denomination in the suit of asses, known for being witty to the point of being hated or stupid enough to constantly say things which get him smacked.
2. A jackass
Thank you for stating the stupid, Sir Jack of Asses
by Tyler Lake August 20, 2007
The art of being an asshole without actually getting beat up for it. In fact, people like you more for being good at it. There are only so many people that can pull this off, and no two ever exist in the same room at the same time. The very nature of assholery negates itself in such a situation.
Dude, Tucker is a master of assholery. He's rude as hell, but everyone loves him.
by Tyler Lake August 20, 2007

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