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2 definitions by Tyler Durden III

To figure out a way to screw your workmates out of any potential overtime or bonus money at work.
Car Salesman#1 "I hung out in the parking lot and nabbed that customer even though I wasn't up!"
Car Salesman #2 "Dude you totally Pierseled! Now you can go on that cruise!"

Firefighter #1 "Lets not tell anyone about this overtime loophole, we can use this to our advantage."
Firefighter #2 "I don't know, thats kinda Piersel like"
Firefighter #1 "F'in A Cotton but I can go on that cruise!"
by Tyler Durden III September 12, 2006
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a person suffering from a post head injury who uncontrollably counts items.
Firefighter #1 "that guy in the car accident is still in a coma."
Firefighter #2 "I would rather die than be a miller for the rest of my life."
by Tyler Durden III September 12, 2006
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