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The year George W Bush Gets His White Monkey Ass Out Of The White house And Allows Someone Else With a Bigger Functional Brain Run The USA....USA....USA....USA!
CIA:Mr President You Have to leave now, its 2008, you know...4 yrs after u should have been kicked out?

Bush: I Like Purple
by TySoN 2 Da DeJaynes August 23, 2006
A Fucking Awesome Game That No-One Takes The Time To Sit Down And Play Anymore.
Me:Hey Jimbo,Whens The Last Time You Played That Game Dig-Dug?

Jimbo:I've Never Played That Game Before,I Dont Know Why,Maybe Its Because Im Gay?!?
by TySoN 2 Da DeJaynes August 22, 2006
A Guy/Gal Who Is OBSESSED with the look/feel/touch/smell....etc.....etc of any dildo he/she comes across.
Me:Dude She Is So Hot!!

Jay:Dude,You Dont want to get wit her....shes a total psycho killer dildofaniac!
by TySoN 2 Da DeJaynes August 22, 2006

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