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3 definitions by TxStar22

1.Another word for a females vagina.
I want your pink taco!
by TxStar22 December 17, 2006
368 99
1. A girl that is addicted to being at the club.
2. A girl that spends most of the weekday and weekends at the club.
3. A girl that's always at the club and pimp's stupid guys for drinks then walks away like she never knew them.
Girl: Hey where's Sarah.
Boy: At the club, as usual.
Girl: Damn that girls a club rat.
by TxStar22 December 17, 2006
90 33
A girl who likes going to the club to dance, all the time.
Girl: Hey where are you going?
Girl #2: To the club, I feel like dancing.
Girl: You're such a disco bunny.
by TxStar22 December 17, 2006
21 13