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A word used by Caucasians the same way that african americans use the word "nigger" amongst themselves
"Yo snicka what's up"

"snicka please"
by Two-Thousand and DREW March 24, 2010
A man that is calmer than usual, popularized by the song "Mellow Fellow" by B.o.B.
"why is that dood reading at the UFC game"
"i dunno, he's a mellow fellow"
by Two-Thousand and DREW March 25, 2010
When ones tiredness from lack of sleep, plays with his sanity until every idea, good or bad, sounds genius. The mind zone usually strikes between 4-7 and is easier induced with the aid of alcohol.
Dood 1 "why is Andrew so focused on that infomercial"

Dood 2 "don't disturb him, he's in the mind zone"

Andrew "why would they give me another set free, now i expect the piece of shit to break. I'm gonna direct infomercials."
by Two-Thousand and DREW April 04, 2010
To "Techno Bomb" is to play techno music as loud as possible from a car or any other portable speaker in close proximity of a party or of the residence of a friend or enemy.
"dood im bored"
"yeah, you wanna go Techno Bomb Crit's house
by Two-Thousand and DREW March 22, 2010
"Odysee" by the techno group "Scarf" is very well received by Bosnians. It is often played at Bosnian sporting events and clubs. It's Popularity has earned it the title of "Bosnian National Anthem"
"Why do they always play this song when we play the Bosnian team?"

"I dunno dood, it's the Bosnian National Anthem"
by Two-Thousand and DREW March 23, 2010
1) When are on the borderline of being destroyed by a wall of doom caused by a meteor in the first level of the internet game "Dino Run"

2) A spin-off of the word from Dino Run, means that you are on the borderline of being involved in a huge failure

In both cases "Doom Surfing" can be an exciting time, if the participating party (or dinosaur) doesn't get caught up. When one is caught by the wall of doom, than he loses (applies to live as well)
Dood 1: Man, I was playing Dino Run at like 3 A.M.
Dood 2: Nice, I bet you were riding the Mind Zone pretty hard.
Dood 1: Hells to the yeah bro, i was doom surfing for like 60 seconds.

Dood 1: Man, I gotta D- in this class
Dood 2: Dood, you should do some work, the teachers knows you're doom surfing.
by Two-Thousand and DREW April 12, 2010
Pronounced (RAY-SHIST) it is an unusual way to pronounce the word "racist" by african americans. It's a combination of poor english and use of the race card by african americans. It is more common to hear "rashis" in an imitation.
White dood: excuse me ma'am, I'm going to have to ask you to stop singing. Other students are still taking their test.

Heated Black Woman: NO, EXCUSE ME... this boy bein' rashis.

White dood: pardon me?

Heated Black Woman: Fuck you

White dood: I am going to send you to your principle.

Heated Black Woman: NO, dats rashis... there is way too much rashism in dis school.
by Two-Thousand and DREW March 25, 2010
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