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Acronym; stands for "Hard Core Fuckin'". Very useful when describing what you did last night when in the presence of a group that includes your girlfriend, who subsequently was stuck at work on the night in question.
He said he was HCF'in last night, which is strange because he was at a family reunion.
by Twisted Phister March 07, 2005
acronym which stands for "Back Fat Fuckin'". Achieved by pushing together two rolls of fat on some fat slut's back and pumping away. A good technique when the rotund cum-dumpster you're rogering has a hatchet wound so loose that it's like throwing a hot dog through a hallway.
You'll get that new aggressive full-blown AIDS if you bone that slutty keg-on-legs.

That's okay, I just plan on doing some BFF'n.
by Twisted Phister March 09, 2005

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