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Something the Japanese scream when terrified beyond all reason.
"Oh I got teekeh, oh I got sprashed by mud, how dis day get any worse...oh emai egot...it Godzirra!!!
by Twisted Iniquity February 03, 2009
The act of adding someone as a friend on a social networking site because you would feel like an asshole if you denied their request.
My cousin requested to become my friend on myspace, so I had to give her a guilt add.
by Twisted Iniquity January 14, 2009
A ridiculous amount

A combination of the words: Whole, Mess and Of.
Person 1: That ho had a homessa crabs and std's on her.
Person 2: Really, that many?
by Twisted Iniquity January 20, 2009
A euphemism for bowel movement. Used when announcing to everyone that you will be in the restroom for quite a while.
Person 1: See you guys later, I gotta go home and pop a smurf.
Person 2 and 3: Later
Person 2: Did he just say he's going to pop a smurf? What the fuck does that mean?
by Twisted Iniquity January 17, 2009
To refer to someone by their first initial followed by "word", made to seem like a bad word.

Used mockingly to refer to a person when use of that name may cause retribution.
Ex: The J-Word.
Person 1: So, the K-word and I are going to go to the movies...
Person 2: I see you're playing the initial game, your parents still don't like kevin?
Person 1: nah.
by Twisted Iniquity January 27, 2009
A euphemism for sex.
Person 1: Last night I was walking down the hall and the creek from the floorboards and the sound of the music, made it sound like a woman who was being stabbed with a hotdog.
Person 2: It was probably your par-
by Twisted Iniquity January 31, 2009

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