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They are three styles of c-walk.

1.Crip Walking - The Crip Walk, also known as the C-Walk, is more like a walk then a dance.Originated in the early 1970s by the Crip Gang from Compton, a suburb of Los Angeles, California by Crip gang members.Crip Walk moves consist of basic V, Shuffle and freestyle.(Shoes for Crippin - Converse,Nike Air Force 1.)

2.Clown Walking - The Clown Walk (also known as the C-Walk) refers to a modern dance style. It is a variation of the popular Crip walk. Clown Walking was created to distance the relationship between the dance style and the Crips gang. It's a form of dance that "evolved" from the Crip Walk. It is usually faster than Crip Walking.
Clown Walk moves consist of basic V, Shuffle, Heeltoe, Snake heeltoe, xhop.(Shoes for Clownin - Nike Cortez,Addidas Superstar)

3.Crown Walk - The Crown Walk (also known as the C-Walk) refers to a modern dance style.It 'evolved' from both the Crip Walk and Clown Walk.There little people how can dance it cause,not everybady can mix both styles. Crown Walk moves consist of basic V, Shuffle, Heeltoe,xhop,Upperbady moves and more bounce.(Shoes for Crownin - Converse,Nike Air Force 1,Vans.)
Crip Walk - Let's start Crippin cause we represent da streets bro.
Clown Walk - Let's get show off with our fast walk to everbady.
Crown Walk - Let's get this party jumpin
by TwistCrowner September 04, 2010

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