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3 definitions by Twin_Uzis

One of the coolest, most violent, and really fuckin' hard games ever made. Made by Rockstar games, the people who brought you the ever popular and controversial GTA series.
You play the role of James Earl Cash, a man sentenced to death. However, his execution is a fake, turning out that the lethal injection was just a sedative.
He wakes up in the streets of Carcer city, a lawless, run-down town. A man called Starkweather informs you vis earpiece that in order to stay alive, you must kill. And that's where the game takes off.
A VERY violent game, allowing you to kill hunters in many ways, ranging from suffocating them with a plastic bag to ripping their balls of with a sythe.
All in all, very good game, 9/10.
Hunter- Arghhh, ngh, ack! (Blood gurgling)
by Twin_Uzis December 11, 2004
An person, usually a girl or at least claiming to be, on an internet forums or chatroom who ploys to get attention from the male members. Example: Aasha, of the AAHC.
A fanboy trollop is always using "ditsy" sentences, or trying to act "cute" by adding "ies" to the ends of a lot of different words. ("Clickies", "Okies", "Backies", ect.) Add nausea.
They also use retarded "cutesy" emotes, such as ^_^, ^_~, XD, ect.
The biggest fanboy trollop trait is denying that they enjoy all the attention. When brought to their attention, they will make a bogus claim, such as "That's not true. Its not my fault they like me. ^_^ I don't want all the attention ^_~ Okies?"
All in all, although the most useless of all internet users, they are sadly the most popular, as there are countless retarded, 12 year old boys on the internet.
Fanboy 1: Oh, Aasha, I love you.
Aasha: Well, thankies! ^_^
Fanboy 2: I love you, too!
Aasha: Oh, you're so nice. ^_~
Person above 12: You're such a fanboy trollop.
Aasha: That's not true. Its not my fault they like me. ^_^ I don't want all the attention ^_~ Okies?
by Twin_Uzis August 07, 2006
Not goth. Never claimed to be. Does not give himself head. Never claimed to. One of the best and coolest singers of all time. Born in Canton Ohio, a city where I proudly used to live.
MM Basher: i hat3 MM, he thankz h3s g0+h anD giv3s hims3lf h3aD! i g3+ m`/ bo`/ fri3nD +0 suck m`/ D1ck!
by Twin_Uzis November 28, 2004