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1 definition by TwinTurbo

A car made in japan. Usually a family sedan, but has a performance version(a couple of them) that pumps out an "astonishing" 310-330 bhp (rated 280 from factory). Obsessed over by asian-americans who believe its the fastest car ever. Sport Compact Car's reputation dropped after it called the NISMO Z-Tune R-34 Skyline the fastest production car in the world. Firstly it's not really a production car as around 20 will be made. And then I'd like someone other than NISMO test that car and explain to me how 3500 lb car with 500 bhp runs a 10 second 1/4 mile. Gay japanese people.
Asian schoolboy: "Have you heard about the NISMO R34 Z-Tune? It's the world's fastest production car! (I'm also gay, and confident in asians' superiority as a race)"
Someone who actually knows about cars: "Shut the fuck up already. If that's a production car then RUFs, Gemballas, Lingenfelters, Hennesseys and other tuned cars should be considered production also. And you know that shitbox skyline won't stand-up to any of those."
by TwinTurbo June 10, 2005
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