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A five-piece black metal/power metal band out of Finland, Children of Bodom are a force to be reckoned with in the metal scene. Named after their homeland's most nontorious killers, Children of Bodom could be said to do likewise to their competition.
Children of Bodom r0x0rz.
by Twice Scorned May 12, 2004
Goths are people who tend to look to the past to deal with the present in the future.

They usually wear older style clothing such as dresses, though not just in black, contrary to popular belief and stereotype. They generally don't wear all the spikes that mainstream images would depict, although that doesn't mean that they don't at all.

Goths look at life and see darkness. The difference between the mainstream image of goth and actual goth is that goths look to the darkness and see beauty. They see suffering, and they embrace it.

Being a goth does not instantly include or exclude one from a religion. There is nothing in Christianity that says "thou shall not accept goths." Rather, this is a prejudice placed by society. Many goths learn to live with this, and simply move on.

Goths DO smile and DO laugh, just not at the things at which a normal human being would laugh or smile at.

Goths are not by definition sons of Satan or tools of evil. Those two are prejudices. While there are goths that worship Satan, there are also goths that are god-fearing Christians.

Goths can usually be characterized by reserved mannerisms, a byproduct of their insular and instrospective nature, dark music such as death metal, gothic metal, black metal, trash metal, or even heavy metal, as well as a usual creative thread.
Contrary to popular belief, goths can be pleasant people to be around, and they won't try to recruit you into an army of darkness.
by Twice Scorned May 14, 2004
A genre of music based on a combination of heavy rythymn guitar coupled with fast and furious solos.

Usually, but not always, gothic metal focuses on religion and issues of faith, looking at the negative and the dark instead of the sunshine and rainbows.

Gothic metal is generally referred to, somewhat accurately, as a tamed-down version of black metal.
Gothic metal bands include Angels of Apathy, Twice Scorned, and Slavedrum.
by Twice Scorned May 14, 2004
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