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11 definitions by Twelve-Step slang

(adverb) How devout members of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) describe the attitude and actions of an alcoholic who is not following the principles of the Twelve-Step program and the Big Book.

They believe that this person does not "know how to take direction."
"Sandy still thinks she can drink only on weekends and stop during the week. She continues to run the show."
by Twelve-Step slang November 20, 2004
9 11
A relapse on alcohol or drugs, usually short in duration with minimal harm done. Contrasted with doing some homework.
"Oh, it just was a little slip, but now I'm going to meetings everyday and working a strong program."
by Twelve-Step slang November 07, 2004
57 62
An addict/alcoholic who has relapsed.
"You haven't seen me at meetings for months becuase I was out doing some homework."
by Twelve-Step slang October 24, 2004
19 26
Sexaholics Anonymous.
A Twelve-Step fellowship / group in the tradition of AA. For people who believe they are sex addicts. In some areas, the group is called Sex and Love-aholics Anonymous (SLA).
"SA meetings are a great place to go if you want to get laid."
by Twelve-Step slang October 24, 2004
18 31