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A theoretical amount of laughter, equaling the amount of laughter able to fit in a single bucket under the condition that laughing was an object.
A: Hey, could you pick me up something to eat while you're at the store?

B: I can haz top ramen or lolzbukkitz for u!
by Twankles September 26, 2009
A rare occurrence when something you heard was so funny that the electrons in your testicles speed up and collide at an unreasonable speed, resulting in a magnetic force. This force causes you to fly in a thrusting motion towards the nearest metallic object.
A: Now that I eat quail, I'll probably never see jail.

B: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHah thats LoLz to the wall funny!
by Twankles September 29, 2009
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