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When in a race (normally from a roll) The operator of a "boosted" (turbocharged) car does a tricky maneuver involving applying brakes then adding in throttle to add more brake smoothly to eventually cause the engine to load up spooling the turbine creating boost/power while maintaining a constant rpm/speed so that when the driver lets off the brakes the car takes off like a bullet.
The car on the left brake boosted on that race.... didn't you hear the turbo spooling before they went?

Brake boosting
by Tw34kd November 19, 2009
A pain that increases so rapidly that all control of basic motor functions is lost and all you can manage to do is moan in agony.
Once while pushing a car in sandals my foot was in the path of the tire and as the car got right on top i became struck with Retarded Pain and was unable to push the car off until a friend helped me.
by Tw34kd November 12, 2009

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