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3 definitions by Tutsmom

when you start to get gas, the first 5 or 6 farts that have no odor.
oh my god i hope i haven't used up all my freebies that one could be bad!
by Tutsmom June 08, 2009
39 18
When you pass out from being drunk, you never really get sleep but you're not awake either. You are somewhere in the middle.
I'm so tired today, I got wasted last night and wound up falling into sleep purgatory.
by tutsmom December 22, 2010
5 1
When you repeatedly hit the snooze button without being aware enough to remember. Next thing you know you've slept too long.
I got up way too late today I must have autosnoozed all morning.
by tutsmom March 16, 2011
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