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A small creature that shows up at times of stress it can not be seen by the naked eye. Wagas will sometimes massage you to relieve stress. They may also destroy the cause of your stress. To summon them say "chicken strip nugget"
I was stressed so I summoned a waga
by TurtleDude87 May 13, 2009
When you take pictures of yourself sticking your cock in a horn.
Perv 1- Hey man why so sad.

Perv 2- I couldn't find anyone to have sex with me so I Jammed my dick into a trumpet.

Perv 1- That's the gayest thing I've ever heard.

Perv-2 I filmed it and put it on the internets. It has 50,000 views.

Perv 1- Actually that's the gayest thing I've ever heard. I can't beliieve you made hornography. Popular hornography.

Perv 2- You're just jealous.

Perv 1- :'(

Perv 2- : p
by TurtleDude87 July 13, 2009
when 2 groups of mates have a contest to see who can hump mate eachothers faster
I wnted competition so I did a humpety hump
by TurtleDude87 May 14, 2009
Videos and pictures of corn cobs without corn on them. Naked corn. Cornography
Last night after dinner I made cornography with left over corn cobs.
by TurtleDude87 May 18, 2009
A number that can give good luck or bad luck or good luck followed by bad luck. Maybe even Bad luck followed by bad luck or good luck caused by bad luck that originated from good luck followed by bad luck. Anyway, if you see the number 87 a lot then you're going to have some kind of luck.
Dude 1- Hey man I've been seeing 87 everywhere.

Dude 2- Cool. Last time I saw 87 a lot I found 100 dollars on the ground.

Dude 1- I hope I'm as lucky as you were.
by TurtleDude87 May 15, 2009
A son or daughter of a smallish faggot.
Dude 1- That midgets a faggot.

Dude2- His son is a faglet.

by TurtleDude87 December 29, 2009
When you shake someone so hard that a fluid flies from her/his body. The fluid could be sperm, milk, spit, or pee. maybe period juice.
Last night I shook her so hard that she quiveled.
by TurtleDude87 May 15, 2009
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