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That stage of life, or condition of life, in which one can no longer feign youth.
Uncle Bobo fantasizes about learning how to windsurf, but geezerdom beckons.
by TurnipTrucker August 31, 2009
shit-faced drunk
I heard you got shrunk at the bar last night.
by TurnipTrucker August 28, 2009
space inside of, and neighborhood around a library.
See youz around the librahood!
by TurnipTrucker September 02, 2009
1.Inability to negotiate stairs and chew chewing gum at the same time.
3.Failure associated with being clumsy, while attempting to be cool.
My inability to wax poetic about a favored movie, and remember its title at the same time, shows that I'm hopelessly eaten up with the JuicyFruit-Stairwell Syndrome.
by TurnipTrucker August 31, 2009
1.Forgeting what you are hereafter.
2.Forgetfulness associated with going to get something, but forgeting what you are hereafter when you get there.
Reverend Deer-in-the-Headlights is more and more concerned with the hereafter as he gets older. He goes into another room to get something, but then he forgets what he is hereafter.
by TurnipTrucker August 31, 2009

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