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Why the fuck
Ytf doesn't that other guys sentence make sense?
by Turbulenc January 02, 2004
I dont care
Knighttwing told me I cant make up words. I told him koolash.
by Turbulenc November 12, 2003
The art of cutting off your pubes, putting them in your mouth and blowing it in someones face.
Shelly still had some pubes on her face after Frank gave her the Tumble Weeds
by Turbulenc June 26, 2003
slang for, All of you all
Allyall can kiss my ass.
by Turbulenc June 26, 2003
Bastard Ass Potato Flingin Commies
He jizzed in her face BAPFC style
by Turbulenc June 13, 2003
When a guy jerks off in his hand and slaps someone in the face with it.
Alicia never saw that gel pack coming!
by Turbulenc June 26, 2003
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