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The best word for a male to take a normal, innocent sounding sentence, and add an awkward, perverted, creepy twist, in reference to speaking with a female. It is always used at the end of a sentence, and usually follows a comma. For extra effect, can be complimented with lowering of the voice, and raising of the eyebrows. Is used by guys that desperately can't get any action globally. It's use is significantly higher when the man has been consuming copious amounts of alcohol.

In extreme cases, subjects have been known to use a weirder and creepier version of the word ladies, which appears to be some sort of obscure reference to the middle ages, by saying m'ladies.
Having fun tonite so far, ladies?
You girls should come tonite ... ladies.
Let me know if you need any help at all, ladies...
You should come over tonite for supper, m'ladies...
*When Drunk* Hey ladies, wanna have a no pants dance at my house ladies?
by Turbonator November 22, 2005
Wasting time, lazing around, procrastinating. When you're supposed to be somewhere, and you're late, you're dogfucking.
Note this definition has nothing to do with actually having sex with canines.
Guy #1: Is Dave coming?
Guy #2: Who knows how long he'll be, he's been dogfucking all day.
by Turbonator November 22, 2005
An odd combination of gross and disgusting, which results in the peculiar word grossdusking. Is often used when something is so repulsive, you can not decide which word could possibly describe it better, gross or disgusting. Therefore, the word grossdusking was created. It is not known why the word is pronounced and spelled grossdusking.
Guy #1: Do you remember that beast you were with last night?
Guy #2: Yeah man, *shudders* she was grossdusking.
by Turbonator November 22, 2005
Beyond all comprehension of ugly, disgusting, or revolting. Usually is used in reference to a female.
She wasn't gross, she was ugfisting!
by Turbonator September 01, 2005

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