11 definitions by TurboPhoenix

An orgy that takes place 3 times with the same participants.
Hey Joe, ready for part 3 of the trilorgy tonight? I'm gonna nail Sandra in the ass!
by TurboPhoenix October 21, 2009
Breast effects and/or physics.
DOA4 has the best BFX of any game to date!
by TurboPhoenix July 25, 2008
Random Thread Resurrection. Used in forums when somebody bumps a thread that hasn't been posted in for a while.
Posted: 12/11/07
lol, wtf?
Posted: 04/21/08
hahaha, that's funny!
Posted: 04/21/08
RTR, good one noob.
by TurboPhoenix April 21, 2008
This topic again. Used in forums where people continue to make the same topic over and over again.
N00b: OMGZ GTA IV delayed again!!!1!1
Proper user: TTA noob, look before you post.
by TurboPhoenix April 17, 2008

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