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Omnichunderous /ˌɒmnɪˈtʃʌndərəs/, adj. A word used to describe something that is said or done in such a way as to be reminiscent of the popular YouTube character Orlando in the video 'Gap Yah', and the ex-public school stereotype which he embodies. Lit. a saying or action typical of one who 'chunders everywah'.
Omnichunderous fellow: On my gap yah, I went to Kenya to visit some Africans. We went to this sort of outreachy....centre. Sort of place. I really got a sense of the totally awesome oneness of humanity...
by TurboCretin September 03, 2010
When something initially seems to be the most awesome thing ever to happen/exist, but then you realise it's in fact horrendously sub-par.
Dude 1: "Hey dude, you go to see Saw XVII yesterday??!?!"

Dude 2: "Yeh man, it was a total blissappointment."
by TurboCretin April 30, 2010
The expression pulled during intercourse. As of, or pertaining to, sexface.
Jenna: Do a cartwheel Saunders!
Saunders: *cartwheels*
Me: Jenna you look positively awestruck. Is that your sexpression?
by TurboCretin May 08, 2009

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