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The Janne Warmonster is Finlands answer to the Lock Ness Monster of Scotland. This myphical being is said to be able to play awesome keyboards, and lurks in the Baltic Sea.
"I was fishing one day off the coast of Finland, and I started to feel a tug on my fishing line. All of a sudden this Janne Warmonster and the Uberweilding Demonic Laiho Creature rose from the water. There was a song being played distantly that sounded like Kissing the Shadows. This is the last thing I remember." - Skog Forsell (Finnish Resident)
by Turbo86 June 29, 2006
To download/send/receive music or pornography illegally. Websites such as Jewsendit.com is a common favorite for this piracy.
"Dude, Jewload me some Opeth"
"Metallica took Napster to court because there was too many mexicans jewsending and jewreceiving their songs"
by Turbo86 June 29, 2006

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