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This is when your date/girlfriend refuses to give a traditional blow job at the end of the night. Instead, she will only put the tip of your penis in her mouth, and remain motionless, while you masturbate. It's a common end to a mediocre date night, where she likes you enough to help you get off. However, she will only put forth minimal effort. Universally seen as a failed attempt to get a blow job.
Guy 1. "How was your date last night with Lisa? Did she blow you?"
Guy 2. "I thought it went great, but at the end of the night I only ended up getting a McGuckin..."
Guy 1. "Bummer man."
by Tur7le December 17, 2013
A Boy Scout who is found to be particularly attractive by the Scout Master. Thus giving the Scout Master a "Chubby".
"I wouldn't even be a Scout Master if it wasn't Timmy, he is such a Chub Scout!"
by Tur7le December 17, 2013
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