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A genre of "music", usually involving overpowering amounts of double bass, little to no meaning or soul to the music, and annoying spiderwebbing guitar riffs. When the lead "singer" isn't ripping his throat out while he screams about useless shit, they'll use those new, whiny voices that sound like that of an 8 year old girl's. This music is loved by the hordes of fashion zombies who just love to conform to the latest, passing Hot Topic style.
Scene/Psuedo-Emo Kid 1- OMG did you get the new Chiodos/Bring Me the Horizon/Five-Finger Deathpunch/ album? I love terrible screamo.

Scene/Psuedo-Emo Kid 2- Let's go to Hot Topic and jack off to Craig Owens!

by Tuffy McTuff Notyz February 16, 2009

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