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The cocunut husk-like display of minge when a woman bends over naked to touch her toes. A good cocunut husk is always framed by her snut and watched over by the eye of her chocolate starfish
Wendy bent over in her string and it completely disappeared inside her coconut husk..
by Tuff-T January 08, 2008
The slightly concave region that lies between the top-inside of a womans legs and the rise of her labia. Best viewed with her legs apart to maximize the area of snut visable either side of the coconut husk. Can be used as a chin or cheek resting zone during periods of prolonged rug munching / cunnilingus. Abbreviation of She-Nuts when associated with camel-toe
- OMG Rachel's got a gap in those jeans

- yeah i heard that - I bet her snut's dam breezy
by Tuff-T January 08, 2008
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