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Trickititis - is the disease of acting like a trick. A trick is defined as being girl who is tease, hoe, or just a dumb bitch. A trick can also be a substitute to calling someone a bitch. Almost like a nice way of saying it. Trickititis can be sometimes very contagious. Not physically but emotionally/mentally.
Doctor Explains to the girl's friends,

Doctor: "So the girl is at the party just sitting on the couch while everyone else is up and having fun"?

Friends: "Yes"

Doctor: "She is being boring and lame?"

Friends: "Yes!"

Doctor: "I think i know what is wrong with her. She has a disease that effects her partying mood. The disease is known as Trickititis. It is sometimes common in young females."

Friends: "I knew it!"
by Tucknasty May 26, 2009
Aristar is the Spanish form of the verb: to be Gay. Spanish meaning: Gay, Bi-sexual, Flamer, and/or Fag.
Aristar has different forms.

Spanish: Tu es aristas. English: You are gay.

Spanish: Vamos es aristamos todos los dias. English: We are gay every day.

I would hate if my name was Aristar. Believe it or not, there are people in this world named this awkward name.
by tucknasty May 26, 2009
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