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When you try to have sex with a girl but your dick is so sweaty and floppy that it keeps popping out
"Dude, what happened with you and that chick last night?"
"I wet floundered the whole thing man..."
#big floppy donkey dick #bonar #bad sex #stupid #funny
by Tuckered out May 16, 2010
A very hard lol, usually gotten from a txt or something on Facebook
Did you say John's comment? I legit Loled
#hahaha #rofl #big funny #facebook #txting
by Tuckered out October 26, 2010
Run a play in Madden and see if you can jack off before getting a delay of game penalty. It doesn't count if you call timeout and restart the clock, however you get a do-over if your offence jumps offsides.
I'm so good at AMFing that i should be in the pros!

You have to be really really skilled to pull off an All-Madden Fap
#amfing #madden #nfl #professional juicer #ron jeremy
by Tuckered out November 03, 2010
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