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Phrase commonly used in "jest". Taken from popular game show phrase "Flash The Cash". Means, basically to get your vagina out for display purposes and amusement. Not to be taken seriously, however some females may actually flash it on demand when given the command. So beware if you are not fully expecting to experience the sight of a females gaping axe wound/vertical bacon baguette.
"Oh come on love, just FLASH THE GASH!!!"

"There's no-one lookin', just FLASH THE GASH!!!"
by Tubbzeh May 15, 2006
Term coined by Tubbzeh, originally used as and when departing from a conversation, however given a sexual inference by the "and if it's easy take it". This part of the phrase suggests that if you get a chance of sex, you should take it, no questions asked. Not meant as a serious piece of advice however. Normally phrase would be completed and followed by a cheeky wink.
Friend: "Ok mate, see ya later"
Tubbzeh: Take It Easy... And If It's Easy Take It
by Tubbzeh May 15, 2006
A game invented by Rich and Tubbz, involving concealing one's weiner in another person's orifice (usually the mouth). More often than not the term will be to used when commenting on someone who is pulling a face in which their mouth is open. For past, present or future use...
Is similar to the terms "Hide The Sausage", "Hide The Salami" and "Go/Went Balls Deep"
Past Tense:
*Someone pulls appropriate face*
Rich: Hey Tubbz I "Hid The Weiner" in that gapin' hole
Present Tense
Tubbz: Yo' can people not interrupt me when I'm "Hiding The Weiner" please?
Future Tense
Rich: Oh Yeah, I'd definitely "Hide The Weiner" in that orifice!!!
by Tubbzeh May 14, 2006
This is a term for the fusing of a list of expletives to make one long word. A super-swear should only really be three words or three syllables long to give it the optimum effect, any longer and it may not have desired effect. Almost any cursive word can be used in combination, however certain words do tend to have a better ring to them, e.g. CrapFuckWank.
"Ah, ShitFuckCunt, I've lost my wallet"
"Woah dude, that is one hell of a Super-Swear you just made up there"
by Tubbzeh May 16, 2006
An expletive, created by O.O'Neill. Normally a phrase uttered when something has been forgotten, misplaced, goes wrong...pretty much same use as most other obscenities. Invented upon forgetting about a mock exam when back in school, three cursive words all brought together to make a humorous Super-Swear. The same technique can be used for other words, but Crap, Fuck and Wank all fused into one tended to have the best ring to it.
1.Tubbzeh: "Oliver did you revise for our Maths mock???"
O.O'Neill: "CrapFuckWank, I shitting forgot!!!"

2.Tubbzeh: "CrapFuckWank, where the hell did I put my
by Tubbzeh May 16, 2006
Term used as an alternate for a womans Squeamy gash. Phrase coined by C.Robertson on a drinkin' trip to Newcastle. After others expressed offense to the word C**T, Robertson reverted to using the terms vertical bacon baguette, Gaping Axe Wound and Chainsaw Wound. A slightly less offensive and crude term for female genitalia than most of its predecessors.
You stupid vertical bacon baguette!!!

I bet her vertical bacon baguette tastes delightful!!!
by Tubbzeh May 15, 2006
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