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The highest form of Hispanic,known for putting Dominicans,Mexicans and Salvadorians in their place.
Hated by many for having the most influence on the Industrialized world. Intelligent enough to speak both Spanish and English. Much smarter and more talented than African-Americans,also known for working less hours but making more money because they accomplish more in that short time.
Majority live in New York and of course Puerto Rico.
Salvatrucho: yo man fuck those Puerto Ricans
Mexican: si guey,they have all the money,they're better looking and the U.S. backs them up when we have to slave for this country and they still don't like us/
Dominican: mira loko we gotta stop listening to all that shit on the radio,its nothing but Puerto Ricans,too bad us Dominicans can't do shit but play baseball.
by TuReyElGrosero November 04, 2007

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