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2 definitions by Tsuo

This person accentuates a loving personality who has an unseemingly large appetite for partying all through the night with her friends. People with this name are usually animal-loving and bicycle enthusiasts. They especially love collecting pictures of animals riding bicycles. Although very kind in nature, one must stay away if she is grumpy. Studies have shown that, if caught in the crosshairs of her grumpiness, the severe psychological damage incurred is equivalent to that of listening to hours of Justin Bieber music.
Gabe: Hey Allison! Did you enjoy last night's episode of jersey shore?

Allison: No time to talk! Anna-marie is grumpy! RUN AWAAAAAAAY!!!

Gabe: (Starts to run away and cry at the same time)
by Tsuo August 17, 2011
Usually of half-japanese descent who loves to eat octopus sushi. A very kind and generous person who enjoys watching clouds all day. Also loves dolphins.
Miori you can't buy that dolphin. It's not for sale!!
by Tsuo August 05, 2011