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A substitution to "what the fuck" in order not to recieve glares of rage, shouts of furiousity, or a pimp hand to the face.
Teacher: The assignment today is to write a 3,000 word essay due tomorrow.

Student: What the fra?!

Teacher: Excuse me?!

Student: It's okay, teach. I said "what the fra" not "what the fuck"...GOD DAMMIT!

Teacher:(Pimp Hand Getting Strong)
by Tsunami...Skanklin June 27, 2008
a container that holds french fries, onion rings, or any other side order formed so it can fit in a cup holder. Thus being able to be seated next to the almighty soft drink.
Sarah: Awww! I spilled my french fries all over the inside of my car. They wouldn't fit in the cup holder because of their inferior-to-the-soft-drink-cup shape so i placed them on the dash board!

Bree: Don't worry! You can have my fries. They're in a cup-panion!

Sarah: HELL YEA!! Now the soft drink and side order can coincide in peace!!
by Tsunami...Skanklin July 17, 2008

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