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Verb: Meaning to open up a serious can of "whoop ass" on a person or group of people in such a way that it is quite clear which of the parties involved got his or her ass kicked.
Did you see that fight between Nate and Martin? Yeah. He totally Jack Bauered his ass!
by TscribeBoston December 20, 2006
Verb: Meaning an "office coup" whereby an employee or a person in an authoritative or semi-authoritative role (i.e. a manager, senior vp, vp, director, assistant director, etc.) is unceremoniously fired or demoted after negative feedback from co-workers trickles up or down the chain of command.
Did you hear about what happened to Dean? Yeah, everyone liked him until he instituted that mandatory overtime clause. He dug his own grave on that one. They totally Ceasared his ass!
by TscribeBoston December 20, 2006

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