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-noun: An stale, isolated region of Panama City filled with the dredges of zonian society and Panamanian elite. Completely disconnected with reality where jits pretend like they are going to college.

-verb: to get ripped off, bamboozled, hoodwinked
Bro 1 "What are you doing tonight?"
Bro 2 "Kickin' it Ciudad Del Saber style"
Bro 1 "Drinking, breaking into the pool and passing out outside? Nice."

Jit 1 "When's your next class?"
Jit 2 "At 1pm"
Jit 1 "And what time is it now?"
Jit 2 "Ten after one, so I have like 10 more minutes to get there."
by Truthspeaker010110 October 10, 2009

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