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A place where people go when they having low self-esteem and need to boost themselves above somebody else to create the illusion that their pathetic life has any value and is actually worth living OR when a black guy steals their girlfriend.

The three main groups of ppl on this site are:

1. Low income trailer park residents who just got access to the internet. Since they failed in a country that was designed for their success, they need to feel above somebody or else they will be forced to come to the realization that their life is useless and they would actually be better off committing suicide.

2. Suicidal pre-teens from far-out middle of knowhere suburbs. Always rejected from social circles at their school and go on to join this site to feel apart of something. Oftentimes latent homosexuals.

3. Non-black minorities who think that bashing blacks will make them more accepted by whites when in reality most racist whites put all minorities in the same category. **Fun fact: Without blacks fighting for civil rights (including non-white immigration rights), your dumb ass wouldn't even be in the US.**
Billy Jo: I'm gonna join niggermania.com or else i'm gonna have to commit suicide.

Maharash overheard phone conversation: Wait, if I join then will the white man finally see me as one of them.
Billy Jo: Yeah........sure....whispers "smelly ass indian" under voice
Maharash: GREAT! Let's sign up and completely dilude ourselves&ignore the fact that individuals are individuals and everybody is different!
by TruthsetFree January 26, 2013

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