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noun. A fat person that, either by a lack of a functioning mirror, or a act of misguided self-loathing, makes fun of other fat people.

Generally disliked by the public, these land mammals point out other peoples physical flaws to further distort their self-image. If you are unlucky enough to encounter said creature, it is best to be brutally honest to them.
Fat Girl: Hey Lacy, look at the fat girl walking into the restaurant. I hope they have enough food. haha *sniffle *snort *snort

Lacy: Your a walrus

Fat Girl: *grabs her food and leaves crying*

Uneducated Bystander: Why did that fat girl waddle away crying?

Lacy: Oh she was being a Hippocrit.

Educated Bystander:Ahh I see,Thank you Lacy, your good deed has not gone unnoticed.
by Truthinese July 28, 2012
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