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A supporter of McCarthyism. Inparticular restraints on certain forms of free speech that don't endorse a Hard Conservative view point of the world. Person who uses conspiracy theories, guilt by association, and other smear attacks to damaged the reputation of Professors and other people that's work uses Critical Thinking to analyze Political and Social views.
McCarthy Acolytes tend to abuse the power of Government to suppress political and social view points that they don't like.
They Tend to easily confuse Nationalism with Patriotism.

McCarthy Acolytes tend to be
Pro-Censorship, Anti-Freedom, Against Voters Rights, Open persecution of dissenting views, For the invasion of privacy to inforce social morals
Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, Michelle Malkin, and Ann Coulter just to name a few are good examples of a McCarthy Acolyte.
by Truth Shall Set You Free February 02, 2008
A liberal that believes in greater equality for some people and but not everyone. See Classical Liberal. Unlike Modern liberals who fought to extend rights beyond white men the Liberal Light show a uneasiness to support greater advances in democracy.

In short weak on freedom
some Liberal Lights tend to like to assume that anyone who doesn't follow their outdated form of liberalism are socialist; however that is only a weak attempt to smear Modern Liberals.
by Truth Shall Set You Free March 10, 2008
Defined by David Neiwert in his book The Eliminationist as "a politics and a culture that shuns dialogue and the democratic exchange of ideas in favor of the pursuit of outright elimination of the opposing side, either through suppression, exile and ejection, or extermination."
It seems that the more radical the Talking Heads on tv get, the more their Eliminationism rhetoric comes to the surface.
by Truth Shall Set You Free March 02, 2010
1.A word that sounds more like a grade school put down then a actually diss. Created by Far-Right Wingers that lack the skill to create real creative words to dis the Democratic Under Ground.

2. A term that if used outside the Far-Right Wing website Free Republic} will cause you to be laughed at by regular indivisuals.
Freeptard: STFU DUmmie

DU: lol grow up!

Freeptard: ...

DU: lol
by Truth Shall Set you Free January 12, 2008
A inaccurate term to describe the Corporate media which tends to have range of similar but different baises. Corporate News does have a unfair bias but it does not lean to the left.
They tend to endorse Corporate conservatism while leaning very little to the left on Social Issues. However when you look at News Talk shows on the Radio and TV the overwelming amount of host are Conservative or Moderate Conservative.

The Liberal News Media is generally used to cry conspiracy when article comes out that gives critical feed back on Conservative policies.
See Conspiracy Theory
Conservative: That damn Liberal News Media!

Liberal: Dude Conservatives have a Monopoly on News Talk shows. Further-more most Liberals don't trust the corporate media. You need to take your news with a grain of salt.
Just because it doesn't endorses you world view does not make it liberal
by Truth Shall Set You Free February 02, 2008

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