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1 definition by TrueLOVE..K&D.4ever.and.always

Extremely kind, caring, loving man. Absolutley the sexiest thing that walks this planet! Sometimes can at first appear to be a little shy, although after sctratching at the surface you'l soon realise he doesn't shut up! If you encounter a kevin, grab with both hands and don't let go!!!!! a Kevin is without a doubt the best boyfriend/dad ect.. youl ever find. The only down side to a kevin is they usualy have an extemely ugly phycotic ex girlfriend, who when you see her, makes yo want to burn your eyes out. but the positives by far out weigh that one thing.
Bella: WOW! look at him Donna!!

Donna: Mmm.. Hes a right Kevin!

Bella: For sure, hes well buff..
by TrueLOVE..K&D.4ever.and.always February 04, 2010