14 definitions by True to My Roots

Short for Alright Yo
Aightcho igotchu peace
by True To My Roots July 11, 2003
Kids who dont belong on the face of the earth and appear on birth control commercials
Eric Fishel should be a Birth Control Poster Boy because hes so fuckin ugly and half-retarded looking
by True to my Roots July 07, 2003
one who huffs the dill
eric fishel is a dilhoof mcgoof
by True to my Roots July 02, 2003
stuff that comes out of your anus
i spread her legs, and she had poo nuggets all up in her pubes
by True to my Roots July 02, 2003

jet li's feetnel is large
by true to my roots January 17, 2004
an anus that resembles jupiter's north pole
when shuri's mom has to drop the kids off at the pool...she has a swirling anal
by true to my roots October 27, 2004
A word known only to the Jet Li MB. One might describe it simply as another word for an idiot
B1ackbe1t is a facehead
by True to my Roots July 07, 2003

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